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Facing Climate Change at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival

Posted 10 January 2013 by in Exhibits and Presentations, Facing Climate Change

We’re excited to premiere four new films on climate change in the Pacific Northwest at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival. Over January 11-13 we’ll be speaking at a number of screenings and workshops. In addition, a selection of broadsides from the Natural Histories Project are on view at Festival Headquarters. Scheduled events include:

7 pm - Facing Climate Change: Potato Famers with Sara at the Miners Foundry.
7 pm - Facing Climate Change: Coastal Tribes & Plateau Tribes with Benj at the Vets Hall.

2:30 – 3:30pm - On The Edge of Their Seats: Effective Storytelling in a Noisy World with Take One Creative.
3:45 – 4:45pm - Film and Activism: How Activists & Filmmakers are Collaborating to Create Social Change with

9 am - Facing Climate Change: Oyster Farmers with Benj and Sara at the Miners Foundry.
12 pm - Natural Histories Project and Trail Walk, begins at Miners Foundry.

The full festival schedule can be found here.

Facing Climate Change at Anchor Art Space

Posted 1 June 2012 by in Exhibits and Presentations, Facing Climate Change

Six reindeer and wildfire images are included in an exhibit titled “Extended Outlook: Artists Take on the Weather” at Anchor Art Space in Anacortes, Washington. The show was curated by Ron Glowen and is on view June 1 – July 15. Our work is on display along with pieces by Jean Behnke, Margaret Davidson, Alice Dubiel, Kathryn Glowen, Karen Hackenberg, Karen Lewis, Anna McKee, Wendy Franklund Miller, Mary Ann Peters, Polly Purvis, Joseph Rossano and Greg Tate.

Deep Hanging Out at Collaborations for Cause

Posted 11 May 2012 by in Announcements, Exhibits and Presentations

I’m happy to report that Collaborations for Cause, Blue Earth’s first annual storytelling retreat for photographers, nonprofits and communications professionals, was a huge success! Over a hundred people from places like Seattle, British Columbia, South Carolina and New Mexico joined us on Whidbey Island for two days of “deep hanging out” (see Scott Macklin’s four Rs of storytelling below).

Benj and I shared six case studies from recent projects. Benj also moderated a fantastic panel on publishing, partnerships and environmental advocacy, featuring Hellen Cherullo from Mountaineers Books, Dan Ritzman from the Sierra Club and Gary Hawkey from ioColor. The group discussed To the Arctic, an inspiring new photography book by our friend Florian Schulz. Florian himself gave a powerful keynote later that evening.

There were too many other amazing speakers and topics to list in this post, but here are five bits of storytelling wisdom that I came home with:

“Engagement first, stories second… Don’t just tell stories, give them something to do.”
— Dan Green, Gates Foundation

“Vision is more than a collection of opinions. It’s what ought to be.”
— Milenko Matanovic, Pomegranate Center

“Don’t dumb it down, break it up.”
— Suzie Katz, PhotoWings

“Hope is not a strategy, but it’s core to our work.”
— Helen Cherullo, Mountaineers Books

And here are the four Rs of storytelling according to Scott Macklin, Associate Director of the Master of Communications in Digital Media program at the UW:

  • Relationship: Don’t just create stories about people. Make stories with them.
  • Relevance: Ensure your story is relevant through “deep hanging out.”
  • Rigor: Practice your craft.
  • Result: It’s not all about getting an “A” on the first draft.

Finally, Cathy Britt (@CathyABritt) from the Burke Museum put together a comprehensive summary of key points, tweets and case studies:

A big thanks to everyone who came out. Get ready for an even bigger and better retreat next year!

All photos © Tim Matsui.

5/15 Update: Blue Earth has posted additional photos from the retreat on their blog.

Climate Solutions Breakfast

Posted 10 May 2011 by in Exhibits and Presentations, Facing Climate Change

On May 10th, Climate Solutions held their annual fundraising breakfast at the Westin Hotel in downtown Seattle. This year’s speaker was Bill Gates who spoke to the 1200 attendees about the importance of investing in clean energy technologies. We were amazed by the sheer scale of the event; in an hour and a half the organization raised $488k for their invaluable work. We exhibited seven large prints from Facing Climate Change at the breakfast. The images were on display in the foyer and at the VIP reception. A big thanks to Savitha Pathi at Climate Solutions for the invitation.

Heal Our World Exhibit

Posted 28 April 2011 by in Exhibits and Presentations, Facing Climate Change

This month Blue Earth photographer Tammy Cromer-Campbell opened an exhibition at her TCC Photo | Gallery in Longview, Texas. Work from Facing Climate Change is on display along with two other Blue Earth projects: John Trotter’s No Aqua, No Vita project on the Colorado River and Tammy’s new series featuring Gulf Coast communities, Heroes of the Gulf/Dying for Profit. The exhibit titled “Heal Our World” is on view through June 18, 2011. Learn more at

Extreme Exposures at the Annenberg

Posted 27 February 2011 by in Announcements, Exhibits and Presentations, Facing Climate Change

Images from Facing Climate Change will be shown at the Annenberg Space for Photography as part of their Extreme Exposures slide show night. The event is March 3, 2011 and features “photography captured in and documented under extreme conditions and climates.”  A number of Blue Earth photographers are included. More information is available on the Annenberg website.

Forecast: Communicating Weather and Climate

Posted 21 January 2011 by in Exhibits and Presentations, Facing Climate Change

Our Sámi reindeer and wildfire work from Facing Climate Change is now on view at the Washington State Convention Center. The exhibit, Forecast: Communicating Weather and Climate was curated by Lele Barnett and presented by the American Meteorological Society and EcoArts Connections.

Thirty Washington artists are featured including our good friend Maria Coryell-Martin and Seattle photographer Chris Jordan. More details can be found on the American Meteorological Society blog.

The show opens January 24 and runs through April 5. We’ve been told that 60,000 people are expected to move through the space during the Flower and Garden Show alone!

Confluence Gallery presentation

Posted 20 September 2010 by in Exhibits and Presentations, Facing Climate Change

I just picked up our prints from the Confluence Gallery in Twisp. Last Thursday night, we presented our Facing Climate Change work as part of the gallery’s beautiful Weathering Change exhibit that has been on view since the end of July. We had seven prints in the show from our reindeer and wildfire work.

We were particularly excited to bring images from our Tinder People series back to the community from which it came. The Forest Service hand crew and independent contractors featured are all based here in the Methow. Thanks to everyone who turned out for our talk. Small town, big crowd!

Images from our home in the Methow Valley.

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