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High Hopes

Ocean acidification and the future of Dungeness crab.


The TEAM Stories

Profiles from an early warning system for nature.

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  • High Hopes

    Dungeness crab has been in the news recently because an unprecedented toxic algal bloom has closed the fishery all along the West coast. Algal blooms are... more »

  • Back to Africa

    Since 2011 weve helped Conservation International tell the story of Vital Signs, a monitoring network for agriculture, nature and human well-being. more »

  • Wildfire in Orion

    Orion magazine has published an image in their November / December issue of a retardant drop in our backyard. More images from... more »

  • New eBook for the TEAM Network

    For the last four years we've worked with Conservation International's TEAM Network to profile the people behind an early warning system for tropical forests... more »